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The insulations applied to the buildings are the thermal facade, or internal thermal insulation, or roof insulation and double masonry insulation.


The thermal facade is applied to the external elements of the building by eliminating any thermal bridges. It is the most common way of insulation and has replaced the old conventional way of double masonry.

Internal thermal insulation is applied to internal walls of the building when we do not have the possibility of external intervention. In the internal thermal insulation we normally apply the system of the thermal facade without the final coating, the chromosome. In place of the chromosome we trowel the system with paretin and then paint the wall with acrylic paint.

Double masonry insulation was the only way to insulate buildings in the old days. In the process, it was replaced with the thermal facade system, because with the insulation of double masonry, it was not possible to eliminate the thermal bridges of the building, resulting in energy losses.

Roof insulation is the necessary way to insulate every building as we have the largest energy losses from the roof.


The thermal facade of a building is done by placing thermal insulation boards on the outside of its vertical walls. Each building has different parameters that must be taken into account for the implementation of a successful thermal facade, such as its existing thermal insulation capacity, the structural elements that constitute it and the local climate of the area.

Thermal facade is the thermal insulation system that has been applied for more than 30 years in Europe and America. It is an alternative application of conventional insulation (Double Masonry Insulation and Concrete Insulation) and the only thermal insulation and renovation solution for old buildings, which provides a spectacular thermal insulation effect, saving useful space, architectural freedom, durability over time!


The factors for which method of roof insulation is best suited in each case are several, depending on the age of the house, the current state of the existing insulation, the size of the use that will be made, as well as the available budget. At this point you should know that whatever method you come up with, great attention must be paid to the materials that will be used. The materials in an insulation play an important role for the thermal insulation of the roof that we want to achieve and the results we expect from the insulation that we will install.



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