Simos House
Panagiotis Anastasiadis Renovations - Building Constructions - Insulations - Thermal Facades - Plaster Constructions Leptokarya Pieria

The company Simos house was founded in 1990 by Mr. Simos Anastasiadis in Leptokarya, Pieria.

Today it is preparing to enter its third decade, while it continues to be one of the most dynamically evolving technical companies in PIERIA and the wider region. For the last decade he has been active in the field of public works. Employing over 40 people of various specialties, it aims to provide comprehensive proposals for housing, as well as the construction of projects of high technical specifications. The main concern of the company is the combination of functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to the continuous training of the staff and the constant information on the technological developments as well as to the undiminished disposition for creative work, it aims at the construction of a modern, durable and functional house.

With responsibility and know-how, we undertake all kinds of construction work.
Our many years of experience guarantee excellent results.



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